Friday, March 02, 2007

New Poll: At What Median Price Would You Buy?

I’ve been talking a lot lately. Today, I’ve decided to take another opportunity to listen.

I’ve posted a new poll that asks another pretty simple question which is essentially at what price level would you seriously consider buying a the “typical” home in Orange County. The median price for last month was $600,000 and sale transactions were at a trickle, the slowest sales pace since 1995, so clearly that price level isn’t very motivational for most of us.

Would you be very likely to buy at $575,000? $550,000? Are you holding out for $500,000 or less?

Take our poll and let us know! As feel free to add a comment or two about your response and your reasoning behind it.


HB Bear said...
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Markus Arelius said...

$350,00 to $450,000 max.

Would welcome lower prices, of course, not just for affordability.
Mainly because most of the 3 bed +, 2 bath +, single family homes where I live in OC are of very poor quality construction.

HB Bear said...

This poll is one of those interesting experiments that surprised me with the results.

I was pretty certain that we'd have a lot more people voting to buy over $450,000. But clearly folks are holding out for a the deal the want.

Good for them and if you voted that way, good for you!

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