Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sorry So Long

Dear Readers,

As I write this from Terminal 'K' at Chicago Ohare Airport, I want to apologize for the long absence, but the day job has me on planes, trains and automobiles frequently. With that, and trying to be a good dad and husband and the desire to have a modicum of a social life, I just haven't had the time post lately. Hopefully soon I will find the time to catch up on the market and post a little analysis and commentary.

I have to be honest as well that I've lost a little of the steam behind my motivations for posting. You see, I started this blog to debunk the idea that housing prices were going to continue to rise in LA/OC. Now that I consider it a foregone conclusion that prices are set to drop and the bulls have been acting more like geldings, some of the passion's gone. But don't lose heart. I am certain that some some bovine idiot will say something stupid in the days to come and that will stoke my ire, causing me to make the time for the odd posting now and again.

In the mean time, keep the faith, offer bulls percussive maintenance when they need it and for crying out loud, wear sunscreen.

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