Monday, December 03, 2007

OCPB/Lansner Reader Demographics

Quick summary of the survey results; details of bet later.

In general, when I consider the 'icon' associated with my current outlook on OC residential real estate, I consider myself:

Bear 93.9%
Bull 6.1%

In terms of political party, I most consider myself to be a part of:

Registered Unaffiliated (Independent) 31.8%
Republican 30.3%
Democratic 27.3%
Other Party 10.6%

Which best describes your living situation:

I rent or lease the property I live in. 62.5%
I own the property I live in. 37.5%

Choose the location that best and most-specifically describes the locale in which you live?

I live in Orange County 67.2%
I live elsewhere. 15.6%
I live in Southern California 10.9%
I live in California 6.3%

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