Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stock Market Sees OC's Economy as Weak

From the Bloomberg.com website:


"The Bloomberg Orange County Index is a price-weighted index designed to measure the performance of Orange County's economy. The index was developed with a base value of 100 as of December 30, 1994."

The most-current performance is plotted here:

If Bloomberg is correct and this collection of local stocks is reflective of OC's economy, it would seem as though the stock market has a very poor opinion of our short term prospects.

Last year we actually had a net job loss here in the county, is the stock market predicting more?


Anonymous said...

sure would seem that way

Ex SoCal guy said...

The OC is in way over their heads. It seems like yesterday when it, one of the "richest" counties in the country, went bankrupt. Explain the term "rich" for me. That was business as usual, still is, now even more of a debt fueled society. Somethings got go to give. I got out while the gettin' was good and see the entire place set up for failure. Credit is running out quick and the average SoCalian will have no where to run except for us, the investors and tax payers. Thanks SoCal. Your ridiculous reality shows wont save you now. The show is over. If I sound bitter, Im not, I did just fine, and saw the iceberg coming along time ago. Now it punctured a hole in the bow and everyone is looking at each other wondering who will run down below to man the pump's.

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