Friday, May 09, 2008

Feds Set to Screw OC's Middle Class Again!

Many of middle-class families in OC are still stinging from being excluded from Bush's tax rebate program. While many of our friends got checks of up to $1,200, we got nothing. The reason? We made a bit too much money to be included and were summarily "phased out" of that particular gravy train.

Guess what? You're about to be "phased out" again.

Yesterday, the House passed HR 3221 aka the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008 on May 8, 2008. This piece of homedebtor rescue legislation spends billions helping those folks in trouble keep their homes, to refinance existing mortgages, for cities buy blighted properties and so on. So, if you're were unfortunate enough to have bought a house that you couldn't afford, the taxpayers are here to bail you out.

You're welcome.

Then there's this little provision called "First-Time Homebuyer Credit" which essentially says that if you are a first-time homebuyer then you can get a $3,750 federal tax credit if you are an individual or $7,500 if you are a couple. That, unless you're middle-class, then you get nothing.

That's right, if, as an indvidual, you make more than $90K a year or a couple that makes more than $160,000 a year, then your tax credit amount falls to zero. Zero as in nothing. Zero dollars, zero help, zero consideration by your legislators. Zero, just like the tax credit you got as part of the Bush stimulus package.

That's right, once again the Congress has left the American middle class out in the cold. If you're Bear Steans, the feds fall all over themselves to throw our tax dollars at you. Buy a house you can't really afford, never mind the feds will finance it for you at taxpayer expense. But work hard, attain some level of success and then exercise fiscal responsibility and all we get from Congess is a big F#@K YOU!

The middle class pays an egregious amount of tax. We're in higher tax brackets based on what earn, but lack the resources and tax shelters of the rich; so we're left paying more than those less fortunate than us and more than those more fortunate than us. If anyone needs a f@#king tax break is it us, the middle class. But yet again, we're left out in the cold.

As you can probably gather, I am mad as hell about this and I'm not going to take this sitting down. I'm getting ambiguous information on the state of the bill in Senate at this point, but if hasn't passed yet, I am going to call my Senators and give them a piece of my mind. If it has, I am going to place a call to W's office, supporting his presumptive veto. Once I get this sorted out, I will post my efforts to this site.

I am going to be damned clear that the tax credit phase out, as written, is affront to the middle class in America. I am going suggest either doing away with the income restriction all together, raising the limit to $125,000 per indiviual or $250,000 for a couple--that is to say, inclusive of the middle class.

Once I get this sorted out, I will post what I've found and names and numbers of those we need to hold account here.

This is bullshit and I am not going to take it any more.

You shouldn't either.


Anonymous said...

Just sign a 2 year contract with your boss, take 1/2 py the first year and double the second.
Don't have a heart attack, I like your blog.

Milan Cole said...

The middle class needs to band together and higher some good lobbyists.

HB Bear said...

"The middle class needs to band together and higher some good lobbyists."

Amen to that!

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