Thursday, July 17, 2008

The (Un)Natural (De)Evolution of the Blog

As I have mentioned before, the cratering of the OC RE market is now so obvious, I find it uninteresting to comment on it any further. Once things start to turn, I'll be back on topic, but for the moment I still want to blog about something, though I have no idea what.

Until I figure it out, or the market turns, I'll just try out some random concepts and see where they go.

I've always enjoyed the message and simplicity of the "Wear Sunscreen" song. If one were absent a defined moral or ethical perspective, I think one could use its message as a reasonable surrogate, at least on a short-term basis. It is definitely better than MOST ethical systems I have come across.

While "Sun Screen" is fairly light-hearted , Chris has made an even more light-hearted parody of the video. Some might consider it profane; I think it's funny and it contains a few good nuggets of wisdom. Having traveled to Amsterdam as much younger man, I will also offer that based on first-hand experience central premise of Mr. Rock's video is most certainly true...

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