Sunday, August 10, 2008

Right Time to Buy: 2014

A great article came up in one of my news feeds today that I wanted to share with readers. This provocative Business Week article, says, among other things:

  • Prices will only stabilize once foreclosures and sales volumes stabilize first.
  • While some areas will stabilize as early as 2010, national prices won't stabilize until 2011.
  • For the "bubbliest" of markets, including the author's home turf here in OC, prices may not stabilize until 2014.
  • When prices do stabilize in OC in 2014, prices very well could be lower than in the early 90's.

His and my advice to buyers in SoCal is simple: wait.

Viva los Osos!


Natal property said...


I think 2014 is very modern time for real estate market.Because every thing should have be stabilized at 2014.

Property Brazil said...


I think 2014 will be better for real estate market and I think the time of 2014 will be modern time in the real estate field.

pjeary said...

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Property Hanoi said...

I think that analysts are looking too far ahead in assuming that the national or world economy will stabilize by 2014. Remember no one expected the devastation that happened to real estate during the recession.

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