Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Orange County: Love It? Like it? Loathe It?

There's a been a lot of talk on the blogs about how we Orange County residents feel about our fair county. The perception seems to be that there is a significant minority of people living in OC, that actually don't like living here. It follows that members of this minority don't like one or more aspects of living here whether it be traffic, the economy, crime, pollution or some other facet of life in OC.

Now, I'm certain there are some people in OC that feel that way. There are people everywhere in the world that feel that way and that some level of dissatisfaction with environment is unavoidable and universal. And, even if a little discontent turns out some how not to be universal, we all know we've got out malcontents here by what we've read on the blogs. But do they represent a significant minority of OC residents?

I'd like to find out just how people feel about life and quality of life here in Orange County; so I've posted a poll that basically asks the question: "How do you like living in OC apart from the housing prices"?

Now for purposes of this poll, you have separate the two things. If you like living here but hate the prices, vote that you like the place. If you think it just sucks here, but are enamored of our prices, vote that it sucks. We'll have pricing polls in the future where you can weigh in on pricing, but for now just vote on the quality of life aspects.

I'd invite everyone to take the poll, make a comment and we'll post the results with a bit of the commentary in a future blog. Note that the votes are going to be mapped to show where we're getting votes:

This should be very interesting.

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