Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sellers Bearish on Real Estate Market

Think it is only buyers that are bearish on housing prices? No, based on a survey out, virtually half of all Americans think we're headed for a bubble, including 43% of homeowners!

Don't beleive it? They say actions speak even louder than words; look at what SELLERS are up to:

--List Price Reductions: Roughly half of all listing.
--Multiple Price Reductions: Very common.
--Accepted Offers Below Asking: Virtually all transaction.
--Rate Buy Downs: As common as "Want fries with that?"
--Builder incentives: Up to absurd, media-worth levels.

If the market isn't headed for a correction, then why all the concessions on the sellers’ part? Can't they just wait out the bears and get every last dollar they can for their homes? No, they can’t and know it. That’s why smart sellers are maximizing their gains by selling their properties before the correction gets any worse. Sellers are making concessions en masse, indicating that the power at the negotiating table has shifted to buyers.


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