Friday, June 15, 2007

HB Joins the 1,000 Club

Huntington Beach has joined the ranks of infamy by passing 1,000 real estate units for sale within its borders. To get just a little idea of how happy this makes your blogger, click on YouTube vid below...the video is fun, but the music conveys, partially, the joy in my heart!


Markus Arelius said...

Yep, you simply cannot beat sledding in the winter time, especially when you get going to mach speed and wipe out about 3 or 4 people heading up the hill.
It's like winter bowling!
No wonder kids love it!

Louisville Real Estate said...

Hah, wonderful!

CA Real Estate Blogger said...

I just wrote an article comparing Huntington Beach real estate with Carlsbad real estate. These are two popular beach cities in Southern California. Carlsbad turns out to be more "affordable":

- Henry
Movoto Real Estate

HB Bear said...

Glad you guys enjoyed it.

I was basically lookikng for the music and found the vid instead and really liked the imagery.

Keith said...

As the creator of the video, thanks!
Not many clips go well with the 1812 Overture.

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